Pink Up Miles 2024

Turning Pink into the colour of Care this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Up Your Town - Miles

We are fundraising to ensure that no one goes through breast cancer without the care of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse.

We are calling on you, our neighbours, sports clubs, schools, and local businesses to get behind our efforts and help us create a visual show of support for people in our own local area experiencing breast cancer.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses help individuals and their families affected by breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological, and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment.

By pinking up and helping us raise funds for this great cause you will help contribute to the McGrath Foundation goal of 250 nurses by 2025, as they work towards ensuring that no one misses out on care.

Thank you so much for your support.

Help us us do our part to make sure McGrath Breast Care Nurses are available to anyone who needs one by donating to our town’s page today. You can also get involved and plan your own fundraising activity just contact the committee leader and they will be able to help you out:

Toni Brown

Pink Up Your Town 2024


01/10/2024 - 31/10/2024

Event Details

Check out the Pink Up Miles Facebook page: 04/10/24 - Bra Hanging - opening night for the month 05/10/24 - Cricket Day / Pink Parkrun 09/10/24 - Pink Netball night 13/10/2024 - Golf Day 17/10/24 - Grog and Games Night 19/10/24 - Social Bowls Afternoon 26/10/24 - High Tea- Frills & Flashbacks (Wedding Dress Display) 03/11//24 - Walk in the park and closing sausage sizzle Organizing a raffle for the month and also selling Pink Work Shirts.

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