Jono's 21km Row

By Nautical Roofing

Nautical Roofing go PINK in October

At our core, we're always looking for ways to positively impact our community.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches, we've realised how deeply breast cancer resonates with many of us. Whether it's a mother, sister, wife, aunt, friend, or colleague, the shadow of this illness looms large over our community. It's heartbreaking to acknowledge this reality, both within our team and in the larger community.

This October, Jono from the Nautical Roofing family will row 21km in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with all proceeds going to the McGrath Foundation.

With every stroke, we inch closer to a future where everyone diagnosed with breast cancer has the support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. Every day, an average of 57 Australians receive a breast cancer diagnosis, making it the most common cancer among women in the country. Together, let's make a difference.

Thank you so much for your support. 

Jono's 21km Row


09/10/2023 - 31/10/2023

Event Details

To raise awareness, Jono will be completing a 21km row. The team at Nautical Roofing will be getting behind Jono for this great initiative.

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My Pink Supporters!


Nautical Roofing Group Pty Ltd

Jono, your strength and determination today and throughout the fund raising journey has been truly admirable, and we are extremely proud of you. Breast cancer has impacted the lives of some of our team members, their families and friends and therefore we can see the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer so that there is potential to possibly change the outcomes of people's lives. We are extremely proud of you to volunteer to fly the flag for Nautical and support such an important worthy cause. Thanks also to Primal Agency for all your effort and support to make this possible.


Douglas Construction And Engineering

Douglas Construction and Engineering. Let's support our community to turn Pink in to the colour of care. Please accept our donation and thank you for giving us this opportunity.


Corey Vinall


All Access Hire

Nice one Jono! The All Access Hire crew are all behind you



Good stuff Jono….Hopefully for the 90 minutes of pain you’re going to go through will help raise some funds for people suffering and raise awareness. We’ll be there to support and encourage you mate.


Bill Oflaherty

Good work Jono. Best of luck from team SFB.


Lance Obrien

It’s a pleasure to get behind a great cause as well as a great company. I’m very proud of Jono stepping up to fly the flag for Nautical Roofing to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷




Phillips Physio

Great work Jono and the Nautical Team. Wonderful cause!! 💕


Soteria Industries

All the Best Jono, All for a very Worthy Cause, Dig Deep Mate.




Darren Otto




Dee O'brien

Great effort today Jono. You mashed it out in under your anticipated time too! Absolute Legend and extremely proud of you!



Bloody Ironman effort mate.


Justin Ralph


Ampelite Australia Pty Ltd

Well done Jono, a great effort for a great cause.


Mcnab Madad Project


Kendrick Myers

One roofer to another, and keen fitness guy to another... The woman in our life make us be able to be the Men we are. To many are taken from us and our friends.


Ken Bird

Go Jono! great work, excellent cause


Luke Jameson

Great stuff brother, go smash it!


Nathan Briggs

Great effort mate, good luck


Johann Bylsma


Crossfit The Stables



Andrew Macdonald

Great work Jono! A cause that is close to home for myself!


Bailey Family


Karen Phillips

Way to go Nautical Roofing a great cause. All the best Jono love you. Ava you look so cute x


Jeremy Broad


Matty Pritchard


Brooke Knightbridge

All the best brother John 💖


Sil And Ant

Proud to support a cause that has impacted so many. Good luck Jono 🍀 Grateful that our fierce warrior Dee got through it and allowed us to cross paths 💪🔥💕


Sean Tarling

Good Luck Jono from all at Kingspan Insulated Panels. I'm sure you will smash it mate.


Primal Az


Catherine Pallesen

Go Home. Super proud of you.


Mick Halligan


Kelsey Preece


Chris And Rachel Harris


Megan Lawson



Good Luck and Thanks Jono


Green Zebra Restaurant

Sending lots of love, light and strength xx



Good job Jono - as a survivor, I know how much these fundraisers are so important and so very greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Lachie Shumack

Great stuff mate. Good luck!



Awesome Jono!


Jason Singh Royal Wolf

on ya jono


Steve Halligan



Get it Jono 👊🏾💪🏾


Jayde Logan

Such a great cause, doing incredible work. You'll smash this Jono!



Massive effort. Thank you.


Hannah & Mikey

Well done little brother xxx


Janice Harlen

A very personal experience for me, so well done company and gorgeous nephew Jono for raising awareness and funds


Nomes & Luke

Awesome work Jono you smashed it!


Sean O'brien


Tyer O'brien


Harri And Matt

Sharing the CrossFit love for Dee’s WOD today! 💕


Jono Phillips


Stefanie Weis



Sorry its not A big amount but from my heart😊


Glenn Richard Payne


Danielle Adair

Great stuff Jono


Tapic Family

Keep up the good work guys.!