For our friends, and our kids

By Dom van den Berg

For our friends, and our kids

An awesome friend of mine is in the middle of a gruelling chemo regime. 

In our small community, where our kids play together and go to school together, I wanted to show her kids, my kids and all our kids that, hair or no hair, it doesn’t change who you are. 

So, I handed my kids the clippers and away they went. We made a little video, sent it to our friends and now at school pick up, there’s more than one mum with a shaved head! 

I didn’t do this to raise money, but I figured if sharing my video on social media could help send a few extra dollars to the McGrath Foundation, then why the hell not! 

I will also personally match the first $1000 raised through this fundraising effort. 

A breast cancer diagnosis can change your life in an instant and the impact can be felt right through your family, friends, and community.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses help individuals and their families affected by breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological, and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Supporting me to raise funds for this great cause is easy and you can help the McGrath Foundation reach their goal of 250 nurses by 2025, to work towards ensuring no one misses out on care.

Thank you so much for your support.

(See the full video of the shave on my LinkedIn page here -

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My Pink Supporters!


Dominique Van Den Berg

Thanks everyone! We smashed it!


Greg S.


Anna Bullard

A beautiful act of friendship and support


Audrey Rattigan

Good one Dom! We love you!


Daisy May

We were wondering why you cut your hair… btw it looks great!


Verity Watson


Ellery, Erin & Craig



Maggie & Nicole ?

What an amazing way to offer support! Xx


Terese Weber


John Cleland


Dom A

Good onya


Phaedra Deckart


Lucy Moon

Love it Dom! Great work, and a great example to your kids and community




Mel Ardley & Simon Sarafian


Monaaf Al-falahi


The Winzers

You rock, Dom!


Jett & Sunny Gronow

Amazing Dom! X


Kevin & Amber Macnaughton

Dom, truly inspirational to all. Leading from the front selflessly and making a difference in someone’s life is amazing


Chantelle James

Absolutely love the new buzzcut! Well done Dom.


Emma S

Amazing thing to do, Dom!


Liz Claridge


Lewis And Will Hutcheson

Great cause Dom. You do look divine 💕


Philippa & Chris


Ollie And Jayden

You are a legend!


Hughie And Harry Roddy


Oscar And Grace Downey

Amazing cause, well done Dom! x


Jess Williams

Go Dom! Such a good cause


Harvey De Nardis & Family

You’re an Angel!


Helen Buchanan

Amazing Dom!


Luke And Will Moser

Amazing Dom! Can’t wait to see the pink as well..


Hannah, Zak, Hazel & Elodie

Amazing solidarity & a great cause x


Brooke Selfe

Amazing Dom! All the very best to your friend!


Rachel Cameron